Snow Place in India – Nathula Pass

One of the coldest and most difficult tourist points that can be visited in Sikkim is Nathula Pass. Nathula Pass Sikkim is a good place to see a great Asian divide. Nathula mountain pass is India’s shared border with China. Nathula connects the Indian state of Sikkim with the independent region of China. It is located at an elevation of 14,140 feet through the Tsomgo lake and ranks amongst the highest point. It is one of the highest motorable roads in the world and is richly surrounded by alpine flora. The government of India had sealed the border at Nathula after the Sino-Indian war in 1962 but re-opened it for trade-in 2006 after talks with the Chinese Government. Only Indian nationals are allowed to visit Nathula Pass.

Things to Take Care while traveling in Nathula Pass Sikkim

There are some key points to remember while planning a trip to Nathula :

  1. It is high altitude pass be aware of the reduced oxygen as you go higher.
  2. Wear thick woolens, gloves, and dark glasses to protect yourself.
  3. A photo ID proof (PAN card not accepted)and two passport size photographs are required for permit.
  4. Handover your contact addresses or number to someone when you are away as mobile services aren’t available at this site.
  5. Go in a group, it’s always helpful.
  6. Children under 4 years are not allowed.

If you are snow person, then there is no better destination than North Sikkim to quench your inexhaustible desire to stay in the snow. The weather remained pleasant in Nathula. It is foggy and cold but bearable when we arrive there. Also, it would be appropriate to point out here that North Sikkim is one of those places where snow can be found almost throughout the year. The temperature in the region drops as low as -25 ° C during winters. The minimum temperature during the summer months is approximately 10 ° C. Nathula pass Sikkim is beauty and brilliance mixed in one.

nathulaSnow Place in India – Nathula Pass